Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold’em has certainly become one of the most popular poker games played today at online poker rooms and land based casinos alike. Entire world wide tournaments are held playing this game, and its popularity is still increasing.

The origins of this game are slight unclear and the first recording of this game was in 1959. Crandell Addington, one of the founders of the World Series of Poker, and a member of the Poker Hall of Fame, came across this game that was called Hold’em, realised it potential and introduced it to land based casinos.

It took a couple of years for poker players to catch on to this game, but once it started it just took off and today it is not only world renown, but it is the most popular poker game that is played at any online casino.

Texas Hold’em is started with the player sitting to the left of the dealer placing a small blind, and the next player placing the big blind. The dealer will then deal out two cards (preflop) which are known as “hole card” to each player. A round of betting will take place, where after the dealer will burn the top card (discard the top card) and place three cards (community cards) on the table face up (the flop).

A round of betting will now take place and the decision will be made to either fold, call or raise depending on what “hole cards” the player holds and what significance the three “community cards” can make to his hand. followed by another “burn card” and a fourth “community card” placed on the table (the Turn).

The “river” now follows after a round of betting with the fifth “burn card” removed and the last of the “community cards” placed on the table.

The final round of betting now brings in the “showdown” which signifies the end of this game and all hands are placed on the table. The best hand using the 2 “hole cards” and 3 “community cards” wins the game and takes the pot.

Texas Hold’em is certainly a game that will keep any poker player entertained for hours on end. It tests your skill, it tests your temerity and it will certainly test your nerves.