Oasis Poker

Although Oasis Poker is considered a relatively new game in the online poker world, it is actually an old favourite with a nice little twist to it.

A full pace of 52 cards is used to play this game. The player and dealer get dealt 5 cards each, players cards are placed face down whereas the dealers cards are placed 4 face down and one card face up. The dealer has to have an Ace-King or higher to qualify, but the player does not have this restriction. The winner of this game will be the player or the dealer – whoever holds the highest value combinations as are applicable to any other poker game.

To start any game of Oasis Poker, an Ante is placed on the table. The cards are dealt and if the player wants to replace any or all of his cards, he simply hits the change button and indicates which cards he/she wants replaced.

However the replacing of card comes at a price. Here if you replace 1 card you will have to play the equivalent of 1 x Ante. 2 card = 2x Ante, 3 cards = 3x Ante, 4 cards = 2x Ante, but if you decided to replace all 5 cards then it will cost you 1x Ante.

Once the player has had the opportunity to look at his/her cards, they can now either fold, to excuse themselves from this round of Oasis Poker, or they can place a second bed, which normally will be an amount double to the original Ante that was placed.

At this stage of the game, the dealer will now turn over his/her cards, and the winner will be ascertained. The player who has the highest combination of poker cards will be deamed the winner and the winnings will be paid out.

Oasis Poker is a fast game, it is an exciting game and it is certainly a game that is drawing a huge following because of its pace. This game would suit the novice and the expert alike and the only rules one needs to know is the different poker hands and their strength within a poker game.