Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker follows completely different rules to any other poker game. Here the normal combination of cards such as straights, flushes or pairs have absolutely no bearing on the game whatsoever as this game is about the value of the cards that has been placed on the table and not about what you can make out of them

Red Dog Poker is played with a full pack of 52 cards. Each card from 2 – 10 are taken at the face value of the card. Jack is equal to 11, Queen 12, King 13 and Ace equals 14.

When the game of Red Dog Poker begins, each player places his bet on the table. Two cards are now placed on the table face up with a space in the middle for a third card. The player now looks at the cards and ascertains the spread which is the amount of cards that could fit between these two cards. Eg. If a 5 and a Jack are placed on the table, the spread would be 6 as 6,7,8,9 and 10 could all be placed in the middle of these two cards.

The whole object of this game is now to deduce whether the next card will be one of the cards that will fit into this spread.

At this stage of the game, the player can either call or raise. To call, the bets get left as they are and the third card is dealt and to raise, a second bet that is double to the first bet is placed on the table and the third card dealt.

The third card is now dealt and should this card fall within the spread, the winnings are paid out, but should this card be outside the spread the bets are collected and a new game will begin.

In any Red Dog Poker game, a spread of 4 to 11 gets paid out 1:1. A spread of 3 – 2:1, a spread of 2 – 4:1 and a spread of 1- 5:1. The highest paid out spread however is when two cards are dealt with the equivalent numerical value and a third card of the same value is dealt then the payout is 11:1.