Let it Ride Poker

Let it Ride Poker is one of those games that one does not need a lot of experience in poker to play. This game is not played against other players or even against the dealer/house or banker. It is a game that purely relies on the cards that are dealt and the least requirements one needs to have in this game are tens or better.

A let it Ride Poker table looks very much like a blackjack table. In front of each player there are three demarcated areas where your bets are placed. These bets are placed before the cards are dealt and each area bet is exactly the same. Two of these bets can be pulled back as the game progresses, but one has to stay on the table.

The dealer now deals three cards to each player and two community cards. The two community cards stay face down, but the player can now pick up the three cards.

If you have a pair of tens or better, a three card Royal Flush or a three card Straight Flush then it is best to leave all three bets on the table, but if your hand is truly a weak one, then you will now pull back the third bet.

The dealer will now reveal one of the two community cards. If with this card you can make a Pair of Tens or better, a Royal or Straight Flush, four card Flush, Four High Cards or a Four card open Ended straight then it is best to leave the second bet, but if your cards, as in the first round, remain weak even with the addition of the first community card, then it is best to pull back your second bet.

The second community card is now turned face up and all cards are placed on the table and the validity of each hand ascertained. The dealer will now pay out all winnings and collect all bets placed by the loosing hands.

Let it Ride Poker is definitely designed for the player who enjoys a game that is fast and exciting.