Secrets of casinos

Casinos are the gladiator arenas of the modern world. Now you will think that I said a silly thing but it is not true. Think a little, what were the things wanted by the population of the Ancient Roman Empire? Well, they were circus and bread, “panem et circenses”. Do you think that this situation changed now in the modern times? No, the situation is the same, only the ingredients changed a little bit. Nowadays the population of the modern world wants money, which is the modern bread and wants to have fun, which is the modern circus.

Today you can have fun in many places, but the places that offer you the both ingredients necessary for every modern person are the casinos. This is why I said that a casino is like a gladiator arena. Each one from the casino games is a competition and every gambling process is like a battle between the player and the dealer.

The best casino in these modern times is constructed and designed to attract as many people as possible. They are very sumptuous buildings, many times they are designed imitating some word widely famous building or construction, like for example the pyramids of Gaza or they are just designed in such manner that they give you the feeling of richness, power and fortune. They have shinny and glittery neon lights, they are like a real firework. When you see for the firs time a real casino in Las Vegas you feel the urge to enter in there even if you do not have money. This is the reason why they are so sumptuous, to attract people.

The magic begins once you enter in a casino. Even if it is a very-well known luxury casino, like the Bellagio in Las Vegas, or just a simple casino in a town in Eastern Europe, once you enter there you have the feeling that the world outside the casino has disappeared. It is an interesting thing to know that casinos do not have windows and that there are no watches in casinos. The explanation for this is pretty simple; casinos are designed to trap you in, to forget about the time and the space outside the casino.

Casinos are so popular because they take you into another dimension where you can have both the fun and the money.