Omaha Games played in casinos

Omaha is an intensely action-oriented game and is growing rapidly in popularity. It is very similar to Texas Holdem, with one significant difference. In Omaha players are dealt four hole cards, but only and exactly two hole cards are used to make the best final hand.

Besides the normal Omaha games, it has basically two variations – Omaha High and Omaha High-Low.

In Omaha High, as the name suggest, the player with the highest hand gets the pot.

Omaha High-Low has a challenging and innovative twist. In this variation of Omaha, the pot is split between the best high hand and the best low hand. The qualified low comprises of five cards under eight with no pair. In the event that there is no qualified low, only the high hand wins the pot.

Omaha games also consist of Pot Limit and No Limit. The latter is extremely popular and is played across all casinos, both live and online.

Among other variants of the Omaha games are Omaha High-Low, Eights or Better, with or without redraws, and Ace to Five.