Caribbean Stud Poker

If you are a poker player who does not mind playing with as many as 7 players at a table, but enjoy a game where you play against the house or banker then Caribbean Stud Poker is definitely the game you want to play.

As mentioned above, a Caribbean Stud Poker table can take up to 7 players, but each player plays against the bank and not against each other – except if they choose to take part in the optional Progressive Bet.

At the start of this game, a bet is placed on the table which is called an Ante. Each game will have a minimum and maximum limit, and the Anti that is put down must be between these two amounts. At this stage a second bet can be placed on the side. This would be the Progressive Bet. Not all players have to take part, but if they do then the player who holds the highest cards at the end of the game will claim this pot. The dealer/banker does not have dibs on this – it is only the players that take part here.

Five cards are now dealt to each player and five cards to the house. The players cards are picked up, but the house cards are laid face down on the table with one card face up. For the house/dealer/banker to qualify to take part in this game they have to have an Ace-King high, but the player does not fall under this rule.

Once the players’ cards have been inspected, each player can either fold or place a second bet. This bet has to be double to the Ante that was originally placed.

All cards are now placed on the table face up, including the dealer/banker/house cards and the highest value set of cards will be the winner of this round.

The players who took part in the Progressive Bet will now compare cards and the person who has the highest value cards out of the players will claim the pot.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a very quick game and one that would suit the person who enjoys a game that turns over every couple of minutes.