About Casinos

A casino was first constructed to serve as places where the local population gathered to spend their time with chatting and dancing.

The term “casino” comes from Italian and it has the meaning little house, like a patio. An interesting thing regarding this is that those houses offered no gambling or casino games. These activities were taken up in the local market places or squares. These particular “houses” then became the now known “casinos” of today.

These little “houses” became “casinos” as casino games were introduced, completing the social activities like dancing or listening to music. They were necessary because people were looking for some other form of a thrill, and we must also mention that these” casinos” were visited not by the poor folks, but by the members of high society in and around the Italian cities. The first casinos appeared in Venice, Italy and that particular casino is still in operation today.

Another interesting and important fact is that the first casino games were not played for money or interest, but for fun and for excitement. The first casino game was baccarat which is considered the the oldest one, being played by many famous characters of history or by the most famous characters from movies.

Baccarat is an original Italian casino game. But with the development of new casino games and the appearance of new casinos being built in the neighborhood of Italy such as France, the French people was not content and invented a new casino game called “veinght-et-un” which means twenty one in French.

This was a simple card game and it became very popular all over Europe, being adopted by more and more casinos. Casinos become very popular, even though during history they were considered illegal or associated with illegal and shameful activities. Today casinos are considered a way of breaking out from the everyday life, places where you can perhaps get lucky or rich like in a fairytale.